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All of our pieces are handmade and we take the time to make sure each one is made to a high standard. Currently our turn around time is this 7-28 business days to ensure best results. Custom design requests turn around time is roughly 10-28 business days. We strive to get everything out in a timely manner while still keeping the standard high for quality and comfort.

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Tantrum World Tour
  • Coffee Lovers

    A wide variety of coffee ☕️ addict apparel.

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  • True Crime/Bloody Valentine

    Everything from True Crime, Murder Mystery, and Horror

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  • Leopard Lovers

    You cannot go wrong with all things leopard! Let’s face it.. Leopard is the new black!!!

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  • Drinkware

    Variety of Tumblers, Beer Can Glasses, Mugs, and more!!! Customized drinkware can be requested!

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